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Millers River Rafting

When the spring thaw turns New England rivers into a torrent, the Millers River in western Massachusetts comes into its own. Class III and IV rapids peak at the Funnel where the large diagonal waves and holes demand total concentration and all-out paddling from everyone aboard the rafts. At high flows the Millers is a non-stop roller coaster. At medium and lower levels, it’s a moderate raft trip with a big burst of excitement at the Funnel. Rafting on the Millers River is ideal for those seeking a great springtime raft trip for all rafters ages 12 and up.




Whole Day




7 Main Street, Charlemont MA



Typical Day

We raft an eight-mile section of class III-IV whitewater on the Millers River. The entire trip, including lunch and transportation, takes about 5-6 hours, depending on conditions. Zoar Outdoor reserves the right to move a trip to another section of the river or a different river depending on water levels. Allow extra time at the end of your day to accommodate the possibility of a later day.

Please be on time, since we must work within the schedule of water release. You will be required to read and sign a release of liability at this time.

All guests will be required to wear a Zoar Outdoor issued PFD (Personal Flotation Device) and helmet. You will also be provided with a paddle. This trip comes with a riverside picnic-style lunch.

Looking to do multiple activities during your visit? Try one of our single day Adventure Packages, or call the office to custom build your own multi-day experience.

What to Bring

Expect everything you bring on the raft to get wet!

Best options for clothing:

  • Long pants and long sleeved shirts such as leggings or long underwear made of wool, nylon, fleece, or polypropylene are perfect to wear underneath the wetsuit. Layer a sweater or fleece on top to wear underneath the splash jacket.
  • If you choose not to wear the booties that are provided, sneakers or other shoes that can get wet and can remain securely on your feet during a whitewater swim.  (Bare feet and flip-flops are not allowed)
  • Avoid cotton clothing such as blue jeans, sweatshirts, or t-shirts as cotton keeps you cold when it gets wet and are not appropriate for this activity.
  • We provide all the in-raft equipment!

A few more details:

  • For this trip, Zoar Outdoor will provide a wetsuit, splash jacket, and river booties at no extra cost.
  • Bring any required medications as well as extra money for souvenirs!
  • Before the trip, please leave any and all valuables including money as well as your dry clothes and towels for after the trip in your locked vehicle. Keep your car keys with you during registration; we’ll collect those and put them in a lock box before gearing up, and then return them to you when you get off the boats.

Pre-Trip Requirements

Adventurers on the Millers River trip must be 12 years old or older.

For all of our whitewater trips, guests must be able/willing to do the following:

  • Wear a helmet and our personal flotation device (PFD)
  • Respond to and follow verbal or visual instruction
  • Roll from front to back in water while wearing a PFD
  • Demonstrate dynamic sitting position (sitting upright), and float with feet up in water.
  • Be able to walk on rocky, uneven ground and descend staircases with no railings.

Specifically, for our Millers River trip, guests should be able to:

  • Paddle hard through exciting whitewater sections.
  • Swim aggressively wearing a personal flotation device in rocky, fast whitewater.
  • Remain calm, lay flat, and orient their body so their feet are aiming downstream if they find themselves unexpectedly in the water

Please take the time to fill out your online guest details (available through your confirmation) as fully as possible, as this helps us provide correctly sized wetsuits and booties for everyone.

Our PFDs fit a maximum chest size of 56 inches.

Remember to read your confirmation letter (there is a lot of useful information in there!).

Call our office if you have any additional questions: 413-339-4010. They’re always happy to help!